CEMS Running Dinner

CEMS Club Budapest
Budapest 1093
október 26.
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A running dinner organized just for you!
You can join alone,...

A running dinner organized just for you!
You can join alone, in group of two, with our without a venue! (We will figure out something;))

When? This Friday! 26 October 2012, from 18,30 (till the sunrise)

The idea is simple: there are three courses (starter, main, and dessert), which will all be eaten at different places, with different people. At the starter you and two other teams will enjoy a lovely course, prepared by one of you. After roughly 1,5 hours you will all split up and go to the next place, where you will meet two new teams and enjoy an amazing main course. Finally you will have a dessert, with again two other teams, after which everybody meets up in the city to have some drinks at the international night.

One of the three courses will be prepared by you and your partner.

You only find out which course you have to cook, and where you have to eat the other courses, the day before.

Join this great event and meet other CEMSies, and enjoy some delicious (international) courses!

Please sign up till Wednesday 24:00 by sending an email to kempfanna@gmail.com with your preferred course to cook. Please also tell us if you can host a course, and if you can, write us your address as well!

See you on Friday!:)
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CEMS Club Budapest
Budapest 1093, Fővám tér 8.