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Corvinus University of Budapest became member of the CEMS alliance in 1996. Since then the Faculty of Business Administration selects continuously increasing CUB students as participants and greets 15-20 exchange students from the partner universities. CEMS Club Budapest was officially founded 2000 by 37 participating members. 

Like every beginning ours was either devoid of difficulties. There were only few enthusiastic people since students had never seen the additional value of more involvement in CEMS. By 2012, we have approximately 150 active student members and 270 alumni and a growing number of them are active and eager to enrich the CEMS community. 

Our Club aims at building a local CEMS network via enriching the CEMS experience for students, Corporate Partners, Alumni and the academia. This goal is achieved by organizing numerous social and academic activities to support the integration of newly accepted students.

 There are a lot of great opportunities to enjoy student life in Budapest! We go out together to have parties, play lasertag, bowling or cook for ourselves during the memorable running dinners. Our regular events are the CEMS Winter Camp, Summer Camp and Christmas Bal. Concerning the professional activity, we keep regular contact with our Corporate Partners. Rotation Dinners, lectures and skill seminars are just a few examples for the cooperation. Furthermore, we already keep a watchful eye on the young generation and work on recruiting the best bachelor students and get them involved.

Those who have ever attended any of the programs we organized, could personally experience the added value of CEMS. We are sure that no one of them doubts that CEMS is more than just an exchange semester, more than a study program and more than a shiny international degree. CEMS means international network and a life-long community.