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Hey everybody,

so after these numerous parties, I thou...

Hey everybody,

so after these numerous parties, I thought we should go a bit to see some of the natural beauty of the city. ;)

János Mountain (Jánoshegy) is the biggest hill in Budapest, with its 527 metres peak point. Let's meet on Saturday at 14:00 at Széll Kálmán tér metro stop (red/second metro line) next to the huge clock in the middle of the square!

We will go with the one and only cogwheel of Hungary up to the top of Normafa where you will have a nice view of the city. Later on, we will go to the Erzsébet-viewpoint, where you will see the whole countryside. If the weather will be extremely clear, the High Tatras are visible (border of Slovakia and Poland).

For going back, I suggest to use the "Libegő". It is a lift, similar to the one that you use when you go up after skiing. The price is 850 HUF, but we can also go by bus/walk, it is up to the group's decision. :) (http://t7.hu/0st8)

SO again, 14:00, Széll Kálmán metro station! See you there! :D

In case of any problems, my nr is +3630 6768 302 (Bence Simon).
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