CHARITY PROGRAM! ESN Visiting Noah's Ark Animal Shelter

Szervező: ESN BKF
Noé Állatotthon
Budapest 1171
május 05.
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Dearest Guys!

Good weather, summer has just arrived. I...

Dearest Guys!

Good weather, summer has just arrived. It's just a perfect time for some outdoor activities.

This is the 1st Social Programme this semester, don't miss it.

There is an Animal Shelter called Noe at Csordáskút, 17 District. It's already a tradition by ESN BKF to visit this place to take some food for the animals, and take the dogs for a walk:):)

There are also some special programmes at this Animal Shelter as this day they will held a Beauty Competititon for Boxers and Bulldogs!!;)

All animal lovers are welcome! Join us, to help those who are in need!;) Don't forget to bring some food for the animals:)

Let's meet at Örs vezér tere (M2) metro stop on 5 May, 11 o' clock. See you there:)

Some pictures from last semester:
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Noé Állatotthon
Budapest 1171