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Madách Imre Tér
Budapest 1075
szeptember 20.
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Dearest Students!

One of the best things is to have si...

Dearest Students!

One of the best things is to have sightseeing and fun at the same time.
***Make sure you do not miss that!***

For the best way cruise the city with you and 13/15 of your closest friends!
Just imagine, you rock up to an outdoor bar surrounded by 14/16 seats, you are all greeted with a cold beer, the only thing you have to do is pedaling and having fun on your personal moving bar.
This unique vehicle has an on-board beer tap, wooden bar counter, CD / MP3 player , roof above you, night lights on the bar, pedals under your feet and 20 litres of beer at your disposal.

You will have a sober driver steering this giant bike so there is no need to keep your eyes on the road. This awesome twist on the classic pub crawl is unmissable - jump on board, grab a frosty one and get pedaling!

****2 Beerbikes are available for maximum 30 persons, so be fast!***

Price for ESN BKF mentors: 3500 HUF

Price for Erasmus/international students: 4000 HUF
You can pay in the cafeteria next week:

További info az esemény weboldalán.


Madách Imre Tér
Budapest 1075, Madách Imre tér