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június 06.
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In Budapest on 4-6 June, a unique festival will explore the technol...

In Budapest on 4-6 June, a unique festival will explore the technological and philosophical boundaries between man and machine. Three days of lively debate, art and music in stunning venues in the heart of Budapest!

For our specific event on June 6th:

CEU Business School contributes with our own lab for this inspiring event debating the
Future of Business Education!

Intellectual sparks will fly: inspiration guaranteed.

Contributing CEU Business School Professors:
- Mel Horwitch, Dean and Professor
- Caterina Sganga, Assistant Professor of Law and Management at CEU Business School
- Maciej Kisilowski, Assistant Professor of Law and Public Management

DATE: || Saturday, 2015.06.06. 18:30-21:00 ||
VENUE: || Spíler Shanghai ||

Further information on the festival: ||www.brainbarbudapest.hu ||

We invite you to an open debate on the future of business education:
Debating the concept of Revolutionary Business Schools

Can a Business School actually be “revolutionary” and function as an agent of transformational change for a region? This fundamental question underlies this purpose of this BrainBar Lab, which will take place in Budapest on June 6.
We hope that you will enter into a debate on the efficacy of this new kind of school, which is being incubated and prototyped right here on the shores of the Danube in Budapest—an institution that we believe can be a revolutionary business school.
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Budapest 1075, Király utca 13